• Control of 6-12 compressors with different capacities
• Control of 16 fans
• Possibility to separate compressor and fan control in different boards with one user interface


Rack controller is a complete line of controllers designed to satisfy all the needs of the main systems, from the basic one to the more complex and advanced. The availability of inputs and outputs covers the requirements of the most advanced compressor rack systems in terms of number and functions of the required control algorithms.

Main Function
  • Compressors control
  • 12 compressors with the same capacity (without capacity control)
  • 8 compressors with the same capacity (max 3 capacity control steps, max 4 compressor outputs) 
  • 6 compressor with different capacities (without capacity control)
  • 1 modulating 0 to 10 V outputs for inverter control
  • 3 compressors alarm inputs
  • Fans control
  • 16 fans 
  • 1 modulating 0 to 10 V output for inverter control
  • 1 modulating PWM output for phase control
  • Suction and discharge pressures control also with dedicated modulating outputs
  • Management of compressor with inverter, capacity steps, different capacities
  • Energy saving with floating condensing and evaporating pressure control night setback and;
  • Complete alarm management and logging;
  • Connection to supervisory systems;
  • Installation and wiring cost savings with the possibility to separate compressor and fan control in different boards with only one user interface, local network connection between the controllers
  • GSM modem option for built-in SMS sending/receiving
  • Auxiliary pump management
  • Gas leakage detection
  • Multi-language (IT, EN, F, D, SP, RU)


Product brochure: Rack controller

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